“With his dynamic authority and rhythmic discipline Maestro Avessian was supervising all night long over Brahms’ Variations and Beethoven’s 8th symphony, creating a bridge of peace and majesty between the orchestra and his baton.”

By May Menassa

18 February 2013
Beirut – Lebanon



La trentaine pétillante, compositeur et directeur d’orchestre, Garo Avessian est un nouveau jeune maestro libanais qui a déjà conquis le cœur du public par seulement deux prestations à Beyrouth. Rencontre avec un jeune homme bourre de talent et pour qui la musique, “message de perfection”, est un élément majeur et vital.
… ma très vive attirance pour les touches d’ivoire n’est pas passé inaperçue.
Sparkling thirties, composer and conductor, Garo Avessian is a new Lebanese young maestro who has already won the heart of public by only two performances in Beirut.
Encounter with a young man of talent to whom the music as “A message of perfection” is a major and vital element.
“… My deep attraction to ivory keys has not gone unnoticed.”

Par Edgar Davidian,

Mardi, Juin 15, 2010
Beirut – Lebanon


New Armenia Daily

“Garo Avessian brilliantly presented the works of the great masters.
He allured the music lovers with his unique delicacy and skillful expertise.
The audience welcomed the 29 year old conductor cheerfully who achieved critical and popular success.”


By Maral T. Arnelian
January 31, 2009
Glendale CA, USA

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